Health Care Quality Week (18th – 24th October)

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Healthcare Quality Week 2020 (HQW) has been dedicated to all professionals who contribute to maintain and improve quality for both the patient and management processes. While their work is critical for upgrading outcomes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs, healthcare quality teams often go unnoticed because they frequently work behind the scenes. Amidst the pandemic, quality is now one of the most predominant factors that matter in the health sector and it is key to not only maintaining regulatory observance, accountability and performance monitoring across all operations but it is also integral to the economy and the thousands of lives that depend on the health sector. There is an extensive body of work that goes into improving the quality of treatments while promoting the ultimate goal of keeping patients safe and care affordable. An initiative promoted by The National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ), The Healthcare Quality Week aims to bring quality awareness in health services and educate people on the effect it has on the overall public. Healthcare Quality Week aims to honour the work of healthcare quality professionals on not just a national but a global scale.

We at JLB celebrate this week, acknowledging the impact of workers and managers who engage in Quality efforts in the Health sector every day, within our local community and further afield.

JLB assists organisations to implement, monitor and maintain Quality Management Systems, in addition to providing tailored Quality training to businesses of all sizes and keeping up to date with Quality programs and standards and Quality auditing requirements.

Book an appointment with our consultants to learn more about how JLB can assist with your business growth by implementing Quality Certification or undertaking QMS Training on.

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