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Certification ISO 45001 Standard Occupational, Health, and Safety Management Systems

What is a Safety Management System?

A Safety Management System is a detailed and systematic set of plans, procedures and policies that manage health and safety in the workplace to minimise the risk of workplace incidents and accidents, and ultimately ensure a safer workplace for employees, contractors and visitors.

Through the identification and management of perceived and actual risks, safety relevant processes can be implemented to mitigate the likelihood of occurrence and safeguard your workplace from harm. A thorough and effective Safety Management System will ensure your employees are protected and that your business complies with relevant Health and Safety Regulations within Australia.

A Safety Management System or SMS falls under a variety of different names and acronyms depending on which state you are based in and which regulations you aim to abide by. When implementing a Safety Management System, these acronyms are often used interchangeably however they elicit the same results. From an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS or OHS) to Workplace Health & Safety Management System (WHS or WHSMS) the purpose of the system is the same – to protect people by minimising safety risks and hazards.

At JLB, we focus on reviewing your current safety management system and help to build your policies, procedures and system to guarantee they meet best practice standards. We put your business at the centre so your safety management system is customised to fit your organisation.

What are the benefits of a Safety Management System?

Implementing a Safety Management System will positively impact your business with the benefits felt across every aspect of your organisation. A well devised and implemented SMS will protect your staff and, by showing an interest in their wellbeing, not only promotes job satisfaction but also encourages engagement in the business.

There are also many reasons why an SMS endorses profitability – if your employees are safe and healthy there will be fewer incidents and less time lost, this in turn results in reduced sick pay, less paperwork and ultimately higher productivity. An effective system will reduce the need to hire temporary staff to cover gaps left by injury, compensations claims will be reduced, and as a result efficiency is increased.

A working and efficient Safety Management System does stop here however, by ensuring your compliance with relevant legislation and codes of practice, you are simultaneously improving your public image and increasing your corporate and social responsibility by committing to a safe workplace.

Implementing a Safety Management System can assist your business to:

  • recognise safety hazards in your business
  • protect your staff and visitors
  • comply with government and WorkCover regulations
  • increase employee satisfaction
  • increase corporate and social responsibility
  • improve productivity
  • increase profits

What is ISO 45001:2018?

ISO 45001:2018 is the new internationally recognised Standard for Occupational Health and Safety and its aim is to improve workplace safety within an organisation. The ISO 45001 Standard acts as a universal framework which details the requirements for a business of any size, across any industry, to develop, implement and maintain a system that keeps their workplace safe.

The Standard provides guidance on how to implement a system that prevents work related injury, in addition to improving safety performance. ISO 45001 requires organisations to adopt a risk-based approach to their management of workplace safety and has a focus on the interaction between an organisation and its business environment.

ISO 45001 incorporates the new common high-level structure previously seen in all Management System Standards since 2013, including ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environmental Standards.

ISO 45001 will replace other safety standards

Some organisations may be familiar with other safety standards including AS/NZS 4801 and OHSAS 18001 (sometimes incorrectly referred to as ISO 18001). These standards have since been superseded by ISO 45001:2018 and organisations should now be looking to transition their Safety Management System to meet the requirements of this internationally recognised Standard.

When transitioning your SMS, you might need to further consider:

  • external and internal issues
  • systematic determination and monitoring of the business context
  • enhanced focus on needs and expectations for workers and other interested parties
  • risk and opportunity management

If you would like to find out more about upgrading your safety management system and how ISO 45001 certification can improve your business, contact the JLB Team at

Why Certify Your Safety Management System to the ISO 45001 Standard?

A Safety Management System certified to the International Standard ISO 45001, ensures that your business has the best practice system in place to consistently promote safety and reduce risk to employees at work. This type of system results in your organisation providing consistent and safe services and operations that can be verified through successful third-party certification.

Certification to ISO 45001 confirms that you are keeping your employees safe by following the recommended guidelines and legislation for your industry. By making the commitment to get your system certified to an internationally recognised standard, your organisation is proving it is doing the right thing by identifying hazards and minimising safety risks.

ISO Safety Management System certification is now becoming a prerequisite for many businesses wishing to tender for projects large and small, from government to local council and within the defence industry. If your organisation wishes to compete in this sector ISO 45001 certification is now not only expected, but often required.

The implementation of an SMS certified to ISO 45001 is not limited to a particular type or size of organisation and can be utilised by sole traders, SMEs, and large corporate organisations irrespective of the industry they belong to. By following the principles of the ISO 45001 International Standard your organisation will gain a competitive edge required to succeed in today’s dynamic economy.

Developing and certifying your Safety Management System to the ISO 45001 Standard can assist your business to:

  • increase social trust
  • improve business efficiencies
  • improve Individual and organisational safety
  • prove you have undertaken preventative risk assessment
  • demonstrate 'due diligence'
  • verify best practice systems
  • verified risk identification
  • improve managerial oversight
  • possible reduction in insurance and WorkCover levies
  • integrate your management systems with safety issues
  • internationally recognised
  • demonstrate and prove management commitment to a safe work environment
  • competitive advantage
  • improve productivity and profitability
  • commonly a prerequisite for government tenders
  • supersedes Standards AS 4801 and OHSAS 18001

How we can help

JLB can assist in implementing a safety management system for your business. We start by conducting a legislative WHS audit before assessing your current management system and identifying its strengths and weaknesses. From there our experienced consultants will tailor a system to suit your specific requirements.

JLB will coordinate your documentation, through the development of a management manual and safety policy that meets the requirements of the international standard, to the facilitation of a document register incorporating Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) to address potential operational risks.

Whether you are starting from scratch or wanting to upgrade or maintain your current Safety Management System, JLB can assist. From composing emergency plans to analysing risk registers, JLB will ensure you have an effective, conforming and value adding compliance system that will capture and report on all safety aspects of your business.

We can also provide work health safety awareness training to employees, appraising them of the purpose of WHS, educating them on the philosophy of continual improvement and ensuring employee participation in the Safety Management System.

  • we audit your current safety issues
  • we assist in identifying and setting targets, and then define the means to achieve them
  • we identify hazards and implement controls
  • we develop your Safety Improvement Plan
  • we develop a Policy Manual to ensure controls are in place
  • we help develop emergency procedures
  • we train your team to conduct periodic audits of your processes
  • we assist in the independent auditing of your System

What to expect when you work with JLB

Our consultants will work directly with your Safety Representative and management team to identify which stage of the safety management journey you are in and evaluate your needs. A qualified JLB Safety Management Consultant will then walk you through the process and explain the requirements that need to be met for a best practice safety management system.

JLB will ensure your safety management system has the processes in place to meet the ISO 45001 standard requirements so that you can go into your external audit with peace of mind that you will achieve certification first time round.

Once certified, JLB can continue to monitor and maintain your system to ensure you stay compliant to your safety requirements and continue to reap the benefits of an efficient and well-maintained work health and safety environment. From training, to business planning, new hazard identification and maintenance of risk registers, JLB will provide support and guidance every step of the way.

The Safety Management System Process

JLB aids clients through the entire process, from your initial information search up until certification and maintaining your system. Whether you would like to improve your current system or start from scratch, we can undertake an analysis to identify gaps in your approach and implement a safety management system that meets the requirements of ISO 45001. Once your system is up and running and you have gained third party certification, JLB is available to monitor and maintain your management system, ensuring you remain dynamic and compliant within your industry.

1 Starting Off

Learn about the international Standard and what achieving ISO 45001 can do for your business

2 Implementing

Our experienced, committed and dedicated team tailors a program to suit your individual needs

3 Certification

Third party assessment to gain certification for your Safety Management System

4 Maintaining

JLB is available to maintain your system to ensure compliance and continual improvement

Management System Documentation

Documentation is a key component of your Safety Management System. In collaboration with your team, we will review your current documentation and ensure you have all the necessary additional documents for ISO compliance. This includes Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Management Manual, Work Instructions and Records.

Policy Statements
Management Manuals
Work Instructions (Procedures)
Standard Forms (Records)

Why Choose JLB for your ISO 45001 Safety Management System development?

  • Professional & Dependable Management Consultants
  • Streamlined - Let us Simplify your ISO Management System
  • Versatile – we adapt to suit your company culture
  • Local – Adelaide based and working Australia Wide
  • Transparent – upfront and fixed quotations.

JLB is a leader in management systems consultancy in Australia. Family owned, grown and operated, JLB has proven its expertise with management systems over a 30-year history. You can expect exceptional service from first contact all the way through to contract completion with our experienced consultants and dedicated Adelaide based office support team.

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