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JLB has been running Lead Auditor Training Courses for over 20 years making us industry experts in the field. Our courses have been carefully curated by our expert instructors who have a vast amount of experience in management systems, internal and external auditing and consultancy.

JLB is a certified training provider of Exemplar Global for the TPECS scheme which specifically focusses on the assessment outcomes of training courses, ensuring the level of knowledge competence required for Exemplar Global personnel certification. We are also an Exemplar Global Recognised Training Provider, an accolade awarded by Exemplar Global as a result of a demonstrated capability to design and deliver quality training.

We conduct Training Courses both publicly and in-house within Australia and worldwide via our International Training Partners. We have a training presence in Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, Malaysia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and the Philippines.

All of JLB's public Australian Courses are facilitated from our specialised training centre in Adelaide, with options to join remotely available.

From Lead Auditor Training to Internal Audit Training and even specialised courses, JLB can develop and deliver a training plan to meet your needs.

JLB is an Exemplar Global Certified TPECS Provider for the following Competency Units:

  • Exemplar Global – AU (Management Systems Auditing)
  • Exemplar Global – TL (Leading Management Systems Audit Teams)
  • Exemplar Global – QM (Quality Management Systems)
  • Exemplar Global – EM (Environmental Management Systems)
  • Exemplar Global – OH (OHS Management Systems)
  • Exemplar Global – FS (Food Safety Management Systems)
  • Exemplar Global – IS (Information Security Management Systems).

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