Reading Food Labels

Health Direct poster Reading food labels

Health Direct has published a helpful interactive labelling poster that explains the food labelling requirements and provides information to the consumer as set out in the Food Standards Code.

Packaged food is labelled with important information required by law to protect, inform and help consumers to make decisions and compare products.

The information required varies depending on the type of food and production. Certain information about foods that are unlabelled (eg. fresh fruit and vegetables, or food that is purchased from where it is made such as cafes, bakeries or takeaway shops) may still need to be provided. This information is usually either displayed with the food or provided if you ask for it, for example, if the food contains certain allergens or directions for using or storing the food safely.

Some of the products are rated by a number between ½ and 5 stars where ½ is the lowest rate and 5 is the highest rate according to the ingredients that increase risks and contribute to chronic diseases.


Click here to download the complete guide How to read the Nutrition Information Panel

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